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Wisdom above Knowledge

“Ignorance is bliss” is a quote we’re not strangers to. It simply means that by knowing less, we are able to live a more joyful, and to an extent, worriless life. Throughout the years, philosophers and even the common folks debate upon this topic; on whether or not it truly is better for us to know less for the sake of possibly maintaining a happier life.

When taking up this topic, it’s important for us to first take note that all of us will definitely have different opinions, no matter how minuscule the difference is. The reason for this is because we are brought up in different environments and have experienced different things. Even people from the same community may have differing opinions regarding this topic as their brains are configured differently. For example, the fact whether or not you are mentally disabled will make you favour one side over the other regardless of your upbringing.

A quote that rivals this school of thought is “knowledge is power”. Even back in ancient times, the side that has more intel on the opposition are more likely to win. By knowing more, we are now not only limited to reacting to a situation. Now we’re also able to take the initiative with a calculated risk. That “power” we acquire from knowing more, is an intangible quality that makes us look more threatening than the average joe.

I’ve always believed that in this day and age, the smartest people are the ones that stand on top of the world. I’ve always fantasised about myself changing the world to what I imagine is perfect. Ever since I was in elementary school, I relentlessly pursued knowledge as much as I can. Not necessarily science or mathematics, but knowledge that are unbeknownst to the masses. I’d go on my little adventures around the school and snoop into places I wasn’t meant to be. My curiosity got the better of me.

As I grew older and have my own gadgets, I fell deeper into the hole where I pursued knowledge that people may consider taboo. How to manipulate others, how to hack computers, how to purchase illegal drugs, how to get into the human trafficking business; I sought them all. However, I reached a point in my life where information that I have acquired came back to haunt me.

My vivid imagination plays such a detailed scene of people abusing others, may it be substances or other people. Truly, it made me lost hope in humanity. I was in 9th grade by then, and I was able to easily access this information. If it weren’t for my own self-restraint, I’d probably either be in jail now, or run a very successful underground business. It was then, when I wished I hadn’t gone on such lengths to seek for knowledge.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that includes you. I’d like to share my own thoughts:

It’s true that knowledge is power. This power is not bounded to any category. It could be economic monopoly or the power to influence other people. What truly matters is understanding that our actions will affect the people around us, because knowledge is only as powerful as the person holding it.

“Knowledge is power”, and “ignorance is bliss”. These seemingly opposite quotes are actually two puzzle pieces of a bigger truth, that humanity can survive for so many centuries and centuries to come due to our wisdom. By knowing our own limits, we can filter through what knowledge we can handle and not succumb to the greed of wanting to know more.

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