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The Law of Attraction

Imagine just being able to come up with a thought and have that exact scene play out in your real life!

The Law of Attraction is the idea that we all can attract any experiences we want into our lives by focusing and visualising on a certain outcome. Positive thoughts bring positive experiences into your life, while negative thoughts result in a negative reality.

Some of you may be thinking that this is a bunch of nonsense, but hear me out.

Human beings are wired to focus on the negatives, and this is a result of evolution. This is known as negativity bias. Historically, people have had to live in “survival mode” because of the lack of focus on dangerous threats meant death. People focused on the negatives because they had no other choice. We, however, are no longer required to live on high alert all the time; yet we seem to be so used to living that way.

We are constantly looking for the worst-case scenarios by expecting the worst to happen to us in different aspects of our life such as meeting new people, forming relationships, and even just simple decision making every day. Because of this, we end up living with a negative mindset, thus always finding the “bad” in everything. And when we’re only looking at everything bad or wrong in life, how can we expect life to be good to us?

When we start to focus on our positive thoughts, we also start to look for the positives in our day to day life. This also results in us being able to find solutions instead of playing the victim when faced with problems; it also prevents us from living in “survival mode”. Furthermore, when we are happier we tend to be way more inspired and motivated to take action and work on our goals.

I am aware that it is a lot easier said than done because when faced with a negative situation, our first response is to think about all things that are not going our way, but change doesn’t come in a day and that is okay. We can take small actions every day to create a bigger difference in the long run. Start by stopping negative self-talk. We are only human, we are bound to make mistakes, the key is to forgive ourselves, learn, and move on. No matter how unbelievable it may seem initially, start feeding your mind good things about yourself. Once we learn to see the good within ourselves, finding the good on the outside won’t seem too difficult either. And that is what this “law” is all about. How we perceive our inner reality is what shows on the outside as well.

Although I firmly believe in the law of attraction, I realise the importance of taking inspired action. Thoughts and ideas will remain that way unless you act upon them. Once you’ve got the whole “positivity” thing down, start finding opportunities, and make efforts to work towards something. You may not have control over the outcome of a situation, but you have control over how you choose to react and what actions you take. This, in my opinion, is a slightly more logical way to look at the law of attraction because people may see it as an unrealistic, philosophical idea. Even if the law of attraction isn’t something that may seem very real or believable, I think we can all agree that keeping an open mind and a more optimistic approach to living life doesn’t cause any harm.


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