Every human being on earth is different in many ways. Every single person we come across hides their struggles behind a smile or a scowl.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to seek help for what bothers them and messes with their mental health. And even if they do, some people may not be ready to talk about all of their inner turmoil. Regardless of what the situation is, everyone deserves to live a life free of trauma, stress, and anxiety. This can be done by incorporating several different practices into our lives as a way of self-healing.

The first step in healing yourself is all about your mindset. The healing triad is a set of spiritual sentiments or traits that consists of gratitude, love, and forgiveness. This is something we can all work on practicing on the daily because these three traits help one to become more positive overall. First, being more grateful means to accept and find the good in every experience we face, good or bad. Start living with a “glass is half full” mindset. Next, it is very important to be more loving, not only to others but to ourselves as well. We have gone through so much in life, we deserve all the love we give out too. Lastly, we need to be able to forgive. Forgive ourselves for the mistakes we have made and forgive others because holding on to resentments keeps us in the past and holds us back from moving on to better, happier things.

One proven way to change your mindset is by reprogramming your subconscious through the use of affirmations. Affirmations are phrases or sentences that are repeated until they change your beliefs on a certain topic. This method is known as neuro-linguistic programming, and you can read more about it here.

Journal. I have mentioned this in some of my previous articles as well; journaling makes you put the contents of your mind onto paper. This practice is very beneficial for those of you out there who find it difficult to talk to people about your issues because all you need is a pen, paper, and your head. Journaling your thoughts and problems may lead to you finding solutions without the interference of other opinions as you will be able to tune into your intuition more.

Creativity is very subjective and is different for everyone. Draw, paint, write, dance, sing; do anything that makes you feel good about yourself and what helps you decrease stress. It is so important to have an outlet where we do things for the sole purpose of our happiness. There are so many benefits to getting creative, some of which include: helping us “think out of the box”, relaxing, releasing pent up emotions, and making our lives less boring. All of these are necessary for healing ourselves mentally.

Many people believe that a person’s trauma is what shapes them, but I completely disagree. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, and I believe that our thoughts are what create our reality. I am aware that this whole article discusses a topic that has been overstressed, but it is one that needs to be taken more seriously. Although healing is easier said than done and so glorified, we have to keep in mind that healing isn’t always beautiful but is very, very liberating as it allows us to be ourselves without being held back from our past experiences in a negative light. With that being said, I think it is necessary to control our emotions by actually acknowledging them rather than suppressing them and practicing self-care, daily gratitude, and most importantly, being gentler and more understanding towards ourselves to create a happier future for us.


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