Greed or Growth?

Greed is growth. You may be thinking I am crazy for saying this, but please keep reading to understand what I mean when I say that these two are similar.

Some people see rich, successful businessmen as greedy because they keep finding new ways to make money or advance their careers. What goes unnoticed is the fact that those businessmen maybe donating to several charities, and more importantly, they are the reason people don’t end up unemployed! Others find workers such as advertisers or salesmen too pushy and again, greedy, just because they use persuasion and other tactics to sell goods and services when actually, they’re only doing their job.

Although greed is a negative trait and growth is looked at as something positive, I would describe these two to simply be two sides to one coin. They are the same, just driven by different intentions. Both push a person to want more or do better; however, greed stirs feelings of guilt, shame, and worry in us, whereas growth helps us align with our goals and leaves us feeling inspired and motivated. Situations we are put in determine what we choose to be.

Let’s say, for example, a teenager starts making YouTube videos as a hobby which then results getting views and a growing channel, he could either use his platform for good while also being able to make a living or let the numbers control him and maybe even lead to deceiving his viewers through dishonest opinions for more sponsorships. The first option will most likely result in the YouTuber feeling a lot more positive and lead to self-development and growth, while the second choice may result in him feeling guilty or shameful. He may also not feel bad at all as he might be driven by fame or money. This may work for some time, but eventually, he might start feeling less passionate about his job, and instead of being able to show his creativity and explore his interests, he may start to dislike his job. Unless he stays self-aware and recognizes that his actions are driven by greed, there won’t be any growth.

In my opinion, money, fame, and career advancements can only take one so far; without personal growth from our experiences, the others are simply a means of survival and not living. We often forget to feel appreciation and gratitude for what we already do have while chasing more.

We all have every single trait in us, including the ones we point fingers at in others. We know how to be weak and vulnerable; we know how to be strong and powerful; we love and we hate. All of us have the power to either be greedy or to grow; it all comes down to our intentions behind the actions we take to determine where we stand.


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