CHANGE: Life's Only Constant

Whether you believe in the evolution theory, or the bible, there is one aspect which exists in both cases: the presence of “change”.

The concept of “change” itself can be scary. It doesn’t play favourites and give no better odds to one than another. It’s universal and probably the biggest reason why civilisation has progressed thus far. Not only does it apply to the rapid advancement of technology, but also applicable in biology where humans can develop immunity to diseases over the years.

“Change” is also arguably the biggest reason behind people’s successes. Take the inventors that lived far before us, like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. The successes that they have achieved are only possible due to their determination to achieve the goal, as well as the discipline to keep on trying – changing their methods every single time they fail. But maybe that’s too hard to visualise, so let’s use a more familiar example.

We’ve all had our fair share of struggles when it comes to school work, whether it’s about final exams or homework. We did what we thought was enough to get the marks we want, but ended up with a less than satisfactory score. What’s the first thing we tell ourselves before anything else?

“I’m going to try harder.”

Yes, we don’t necessarily change our studying methods completely, but we simply work harder by clocking in more time for our studies. THAT is change. It’s a change in mindset, drive, motivation, and time expenditure. If that doesn’t work, we then start to consider other alternative studying methods. Having the courage to face our failures and learn from them is a great characteristic that all of us should try to adopt. As they say, only an idiot does the same thing twice and expect different results.

Many would argue about how, in some instances, being flexible isn’t always the best attitude to adopt. And I agree.

Life itself is complex and it takes a lot of time for us to pick the best course of action. This is where the concept of having “unwavering principles” is very useful. By having a fixed formula for an answer, we save time from needlessly spending our energy to adapt ever so often. It’s important to note that having these principles are simply useful. Whether those principles are good or bad is another matter that you should decide for yourself.

One of the many principles I hold to this day is “family above friends”. This is really useful for me when I’m stuck in a situation where I have to morally justify for prioritising one over another.

In the end, how can we tell what’s best? The answer is: none. Both are simply tools you can use in achieving a better lifestyle. We often spend too much time on things that don’t truly matter. Use these two concepts in conjunction and find what works for YOU.

This article is written based on the Chapter 2 & 3 of “The Art of The Good Life” by Rolf Dobelli, which I highly recommend.

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